Relationships Develop at Deere Conference

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jd-develop-14-dn2kWhile the recent 2014 Develop with Deere conference in Kansas City showed off a lot of John Deere’s new tools, it also gave other companies a chance to see how their products fit with Deere’s. Chuck caught up with a very busy Mike Melonis and Oleg Kotliarsky from DN2K/MyAgCentral, one of the developer companies participating in the meeting.

“We’re learning more about John Deere’s offering,” Mike said. “They have a tremendous amount of information that people need access to, and [Deere] wants that information available to people, and we need understand how to access it and properly present it.”

DN2K currently works with Deere’s telematics data and wants to expand into other agronomic data for DN2K’s ag information aggregator. Right now, DN2K is available just for desktop computers, but Oleg said they want to expand that reach into mobile platforms by 2015. “We don’t have a big need for that right now, because our main consumers sit in offices at desks, but as we cover more and more clients at different levels, we are moving toward mobile platforms.”

Both said they’re walking away from this conference with a better understanding about data protection and what John Deere’s model looked like.

You can hear Chuck’s interview with Mike and Oleg here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Mike Melonis and Oleg Kotliarsky, DN2K/MyAgCentral”]

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