Deere Sees AgGateway as Door to Connect Customers/Data

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jd-developer-14-chip-dThere’s lots of information out there when it comes to precision agriculture. Being able to connect and exchange that data was one of the topics discussed at the recent 2014 Develop with Deere conference – a get-together in Kansas City that brought together dealers, independent agricultural software application developers and John Deere staff primarily from the company’s Intelligent Solutions Group.

Chuck caught up with Deere’s Chip Donahue, who works in the partner enablement area of Deere. He said while there are hundreds of sources of information that go into AgGateway, a non-profit consortium of businesses serving the agriculture industry, John Deere wants to enable a more effective exchange of data by standardizing the data and implementation of that information so everyone’s on the same page, information-wise.

“We think it will enable our customers to do more with their data,” he said. “We have propriety data formats coming off [Deere’s] displays. Now, it’s hard for software companies to implement those, but [with this change] it will make it easier, and really enable the customer, the farmer, to use that data to make decisions in a simpler, more meaningful way.”

Chip added that this is an ongoing effort as producers want more, better information to make the best data-driven decisions possible.

“If we can enable that and move quickly, we’ll have a winning combination.”

You can hear Chuck’s interview with Chip here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Chip Donahue”]

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