Nutrient Management Tools from AEA

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, agronomy, Audio, Nutrient Management

chl-14-40-editedJason Hodson, Vice President of Special Projects for Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA) spoke on sap analysis as a management tool with growers who attended last week’s Power Growers Seminar presented by Crop Health Labs. Jason has been with AEA since 2011 and has become the lead for larger farms and business development for the company.

“We provide materials for nutritional application and soil bio-stimulus. We also consulting information to growers we work with that helps them both apply our materials and move their entire farm system into a direction that is more friendly to soil biology and increase levels of plant health.”

In my interview with Jason, he not only shares more about AEA’s products and services but also highlights some of their growers who utilize their products and have taken advantage of what sap analysis can provide. These growers vary from citrus in Florida to tomatoes in Pennsylvania.

AEA is always looking to the future and research is a large component of what they provide to growers. Jason also shares some things they are looking into on the trace mineral side of things. This includes some experiments with nickel and its impact on plant physiology.

Listen to my interview with Jason here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Jason Hodson”]

Find photos from the event here: 2014 Crop Health Labs Power Growers Seminar Photo Album