Develop with Deere Underway

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Pat Pinkston John DeereThis morning John Deere kicked off what’s becoming an annual conference for developers. The 2014 Develop with Deere conference brings together dealers, independent agricultural software application developers and John Deere staff primarily from their Intelligent Solutions Group.

Kicking things off was a keynote presentation by Pat Pinkston, Vice President, Technology and Information Solutions, Agriculture and Turf Division. Pat talked about the challenges and opportunities of new technology in the precision area. Challenges include the difficulty to prove returns, complex mgt. of data & operations and that it may challenge intuition/experience. He says precision ag needs a consistent and accurate flow of data, expert decision making and the ability to execute and monitor.

To learn more about what John Deere is doing in today’s precision ag arena listen in to Pat’s remarks or watch my interview with him afterward via my ZimmGlass (will be added after it finishes uploading).

Listen to Pat here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Pat Pinkston Remarks”]

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