FarmLogs Introduces Yield Maps

Cindy ZimmermanData, yields

farmlogsFarmLogs has announced the launch of Yield Maps, a new feature that enables farmers to import yield data and analyze field performance at high precision. The feature uses heat maps to automatically display the exact location of high and low output as a color-coded overlay on top of each field.

The new functionality will be rolled out this week via web browser, Android and iOS mobile apps. Farmers can now inspect yield on their smartphones while standing in a field seeing their precise location on the map. Manual recording of field-specific yield amounts will continue to be available.

“The Yield Maps tool is a part of our continued effort to bring improved technology to the farm, to give farmers easy access to data whenever they need it, and to help farmers eliminate unnecessary data entry,” said Jesse Vollmar, CEO and co-founder of FarmLogs.

FarmLogs uses software and data science to bring critical farm data online in real time to help farmers manage and analyze the large amounts of underutilized data collected from their fields.