Hick Chick Chat: Vilsack and FFA

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11326519286_c9a07ae0bf_o Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack again addressed the delegation at the 87th Annual FFA Convention in Louisville, KY last week. He talked FFA and how the members of the largest farm based organization is the future. He says the future is bright for the youth and why this is the more difficult venue for him to speak following some of the most articulate speakers he’s been around. Vilsack also talked about many other issues that are facing the those in the our rural countryside. Vilsack commends the FFA community for looking to the future. He adds that having, the young people involved in agriculture, to talk to the 99% of americans who don’t farm while educating the public to the benefits of rural life.

ffa-14-89-editedVilsack says there is a necessity of pointing out to people that they have the freedom to choose professions outside of agriculture because they don’t have to worry about feeding their family. They have left that to a very small population. He goes on to say that the generation of FFA kids has embraced diversity including women becoming more involved. He encourages the young women in the FFA organization to continue being involved on boards and in leadership positions. He says they will figure out the problems we’ve been facing and are not afraid of the opportunity.

You can listen to my chat here: [wpaudio url=”http://www.zimmcomm.biz/podcast/hickchickchat-14-ffa-vilsack.mp3″ text=”Hick Chick Chat Farmland: Vilsack and FFA”]

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