Interviews Highlight Initiatives to Feed 9 Billion by 2050

John DavisAg Group, International, Research

IFTIt will take some great ideas to get the agricultural community able to produce enough food to feed an expected world population of 9 billion by 2050. And sharing those ideas is the idea behind the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) FutureFood 2050 set of interviews.

Agriculture thought leaders like animal scientist Temple Grandin and BrightFarms’ founder Paul Lightfoot are advocating for new initiatives designed to revolutionize the industry at every step from farm to table, employing technology artfully while maintaining the integrity of fresh, sustainably produced foods.

“Handling living organisms is an entirely different thing from making ordinary industrial products. I think cultivation know-how will be in even higher demand in the future,” says Shigeharu Shimamura, president of a Tokyo, Japan-based agricultural corporation that opened the world’s largest all-LED indoor farm or “pinkhouse” this year, using 17,500 lights that emit only the wavelengths most conducive to plant growth.

This month Lightfoot and Shimamura share their innovative and visionary thoughts on the subject, along with a host of scientists and future leaders.

FutureFood 2050 plans to release 75 interviews with the world’s most impactful leaders in food and science through 2015. These interviews will be the seventh installment of FutureFood’s interview series, following sustainability, women in food science, food waste, food security and nutrition in Africa, aquaculture, and futurists on food.