Bio S.I.’s AG Select Puts Life Back into Rebuilding Soil

John DavisAgribusiness, Nitrogen, Nutrient Management, Soil

Mother Nature has a pretty good formula for restoring the health to soils: using microbes to help break down organic matter. While chemicals can help replenish lots of the nutrients, they don’t provide the natural, living spark that helps turn that matter into energy and food for plants. That’s where Bio S.I.’s AG Select comes in. It restores all 16 key nutrients to the soil and to give plants the means to optimally uptake these nutrients and ensure protective measures against potential threats to this process.

BioSIagselectAG Select is a powerful seed treatment from Bio S.I.’s extensive and effective line of microbial solutions to rebuild, renew and restore soil, as nature intended. The formula includes four different kinds of mycorrhizae; which are beneficial fungi that help the plants get nutrients and water from the soil they would not normally be able to get. Microbes, fungi, and many other life forms in the soil are constantly working together to feed the plants so that the plant in turn feeds them. Once nutrients are returned, the plant gains the mycorrhizae benefits of the comparatively larger surface area of mycelium to root ratio, thus improving the plant’s mineral absorption capabilities2. Microbes similarly work to improve water retention and soil ingestion; as humus, created from microbes naturally digesting organic matter, is advantageous to root penetration and development[2].

“Maintaining continuous soil quality is the key to productive agriculture.” Bio S.I.’s Founder Wayne Tucker explains, “The very meaning of sustainability.” Healthy, diverse soil systems have the ability to sustain plants naturally, and without as many chemical inputs. Bio S.I.’s Agriculture and Agriculture Select formulas give farmers the key to unlock the full potential of their soil, in both nutrient release and plant vigor naturally.

Bio S.I. officials say the microbes and mycorrhizae work to take up space pathogens need to grow and provide necessary nutrients to maintain a vigorous plant immune system. Also, a broad and diverse spectrum of soil microbes diminish soil-borne pathogens because of a lack of food sources and space.