Get to Know GMOs Month

Cindy Zimmermanbiotechnology

gmo-answersIf you wear pink for Breast Cancer Awareness this month, you might pair it with green for Get to Know GMOs Month.

This month GMO Answers is inviting the public to “Get to Know GMOs”— to ask their toughest questions and join the conversation.

“With the coming of October, we welcome a new fall season, a new harvest and a new opportunity to connect with consumers about their food – from farm to table,” Cathleen Enright, Council for Biotechnology Information executive director and GMO Answers spokesperson, said. “At GMO Answers, we invite you to ask us any questions you might have about GMOs — from how they are created to who is growing them to what ends up on your table.”

More than a year ago, GMO Answers created a central online resource for information on GMOs and how our food is grown, called Since then, more than 650 questions have been asked and answered by more than 100 independent experts.

“Keep asking and we’ll keep answering; and this October we hope you’ll take the time to ‘Get to Know GMOs’,” Enright said.