How Verdesian has Filled an ‘NP & K’ Void

Joanna SchroederAgribusiness, Audio, Fertilizer

Verdesian Life Sciences is a plant health plant nutrition company. According to CEO and founder JJ Grow, from the start their plan was to create a portfolio of companies that had really good technology focused on nitrogen and phosphorous efficiencies as well as delivery systems, elicitors and innocolents. Or “things that help fixate nitrogen”.

Beginning in 2011 when Grow was in the process of founding the company, his team looked at companies that already had technologies in the marketplace as well as companies that had technologies in development. He said there were 90 plus companies they looked at and last week the company purchased its sixth company: QC Corporation.

JJ Grow Verdesian-2“With a deep and global understanding of the agriculture industry, I realized I wanted to focus on taking tomorrow’s science and deliver today’s returns,” explained Grow. Thus the formation of Verdesian Life Sciences in September 2012 and the company’s philosophy. In this short time, Verdesian has become a leader in nitrogen and phosphorous technologies and products with one of their break-out technologies, Take Off, well, taking off.

Grow said they are in a position to hold a leadership position in the ag industry. “The biggest thing we look at is technology. I’ve worked at a lot of different companies who had really good technology and the one thing I’ve learned is if you have a technology that can be used in the marketplace and brings value to a farmer whether that’s in yield or efficiencies, you’re going to be successful with those technologies.”

Grow said if you look at the company’s technologies focused on macronutrients and micronutrients there is an unmet need in the marketplace and a lot of big companies have not focused here. The big companies have focused more on traditional pesticides and the herbicide companies have focused on the NP and K. “I think we’re in a unique position. By acquiring the leaders of those smaller companies we’ve put together a much larger company that can compete in the marketplace.”

Verdesian will be making some big technology announcements this fall so keep your eyes and ears on alert.

To learn more about Verdesian, their latest acquisition of QC Corporation and what’s next for the company, listen to my interview with JJ Grow: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with JJ Grow, Verdesian”]

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