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fps14-bayer-schwindtBayer CropScience’s Thorsten Schwindt and Randy Myers both work in the company’s fungicide department. They shared with us during the Farm Progress Show what was going on with Stratego YLD, how growers can utilize it to get greater return on investment and what we can see coming out of Bayer’s research and development labs when it comes to fungicides.

“Stratego YLD is our most important brand in corn and soybean. It is one of the biggest products being sold at tassel timing. What we are doing with the product is positioning it at an earlier application with the big advantage being you bring it out with a herbicide. What growers don’t always know is it is also great for soybeans too. In a year like this where the corn prices are down there is a lot more soybean acres and Stratego YLD has a must higher interest in getting a yield boost in your soybean and also protect it from disease,” stated Thorsten.

fps14-bayer-myersThorsten said that right now growers are concerned about getting a good return on investment. Because of many farmers’ economic state, they are hesitant to apply a fungicide. He said the message they try and share with growers is to look at the yield figures and see the return on investment when a fungicide is applied to a crop. [wpaudio url=”http://zimmcomm.biz/farm-progress/fps14-bayer-schwindt.MP3″ text=”Interview with Thorsten Schwindt, Bayer CropScience”]

Randy goes on to explain why an earlier application of Stratego YLD can really give growers an upper hand. “There are two different things that you are dealing with. You are trying to protect the middle part of the plant from disease. A lot of those diseases survive in the residue in the soil. Another thing is protecting the stalk integrity. A lot of those diseases come in early and we want to keep pathogens out of the stalk.”

Randy also shares with Cindy examples using this past year’s growing season of where Stratego YLD has really paid off. [wpaudio url=”http://zimmcomm.biz/farm-progress/fps14-bayer-myers.MP3″ text=”Interview with Randy Myers, Bayer CropScience”]

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