Partnership Joins Precision Ag Weather & Imagery

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Audio, Data, Software, weather

iterisIteris, Inc. is partnering with Satshot, Inc. to provide multispectral images for assessing crop growth and deficiencies on fields through the Satshot user interface.

Through this partnership, Iteris’ ClearPath Ag™ weather content system will be incorporated into Satshot’s mapping and remote sensing imagery system. Satshot customers will have the ability to utilize the high resolution, field level ClearPath Ag platform to identify field areas with persistent crop issues through detailed geo-referenced imagery. Iteris will also integrate Satshot crop imagery into their own ClearPath Ag technology to benefit compliance reporting, irrigation forecasting and crop yield optimization.

“We are committed to providing advanced agriculture solutions that enhance decision-making for agri-businesses, crop consultants and producers alike,” said Tom Blair, Iteris’ senior vice president, iPerform. “Our solutions provide hyper-local weather information for real-time decision-making that will help maximize crop yields while minimizing risk and input costs. This agreement builds upon our expansion into the precision agriculture market and affirms our strategy of integrating leading technologies with the most advanced companies in the industry.”

Chuck spoke with Iteris’ Tom Blair and Bob Stern and they further explain the opportunities this partnership will bring users. Check out his complete interview with the duo here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Tom Blair and Bob Stern, Iteris”]