New RemoteView Feature for FieldView

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Apps, Planting

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.42.43 AMPrecision Planting’s landmark app, FieldView, has brought instant, high-definition visualization of planter performance and yield maps to growers’ iPads across America. Now, with the latest version of FieldView in the App store, farmers no longer need to be in the cab to have instant access to Yield Maps.

“Most farm operations have multiple decision makers,” says Kyle Plattner, Lead User Interface Designer for FieldView. “The RemoteView feature allows everyone in the farm operation with an iPad to have instant visibility into the combine cab — no matter where they are.”

RemoteView uses the data connection of the iPads running FieldView to remotely connect any iPad to a YieldSense display. Farm Managers can instantly keep tabs on each remote combine to monitor progress, watch real time yield maps, and diagnose problems.

Precision Planting dealers and the Precision Planting product support team can also establish a remote connection to provide faster support — with permission granted by the operator.

“RemoteView is another feature that makes YieldSense and FieldView the ultimate combination for harvest, especially for large operations,” says Doug Sauder, Precision Planting’s Research & Development Lead. “Wireless syncing of yield maps, wireless streaming of swath coverage, and simple operation wide reports make life easier for busy farm managers.”