Case IH, Precision Planting Let Producers Customize Planters

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Case IH, Equipment, Planting

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 2.16.28 PMToday’s planter technology allows producers to place seeds precisely where they want them. Now, thanks to Case IH and Precision Planting®, producers can take that technology to a new level by adding valuable new options that fit their individual needs.

“Producers can leave their trusted Case IH dealership with a new or used Early Riser® planter customized to their specifications — with the right amount of technology to meet their individual goals,” said Dan Klein, Crop Production Marketing Manager at Case IH. “They don’t have to buy any more or any less than they desire.”

When producers order a new Precision Planting-ready Early Riser 1255, it leaves the factory with the right components to make adapting this technology convenient and cost effective. Their new planter arrives at the dealership from the factory ready to accept the Precision Planting components the grower wants.

“The producer is in control,” Klein said. “They don’t have to take what the factory sends them, then strip off the parts they don’t need and replace them with the ones they wanted in the first place. Perhaps most important, it’s all accomplished at their Case IH dealership, making it truly a one-stop shop for the latest planter technology.”

The Early Riser planter capitalizes on Agronomic Design from Case IH. Producers can choose to add any or all Precision Planting components, depending on which they feel will deliver the greatest value to their operation.