Soil Renaissance Website

Cindy ZimmermanConservation, Soil

soil-renaissanceA new website highlights work of Soil Renaissance introduced recently by Farm Foundation, NFP and the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation. Launched on World Soil Day 2013, the Soil Renaissance brings attention to the critical role of healthy soils in vibrant natural resources systems.

“The new website is a tool for people involved in the Soil Renaissance to stay up-to-date on the work of our four focus groups, as well as a great way for people new to this vital effort to learn what we’re all about,” says Project Coordinator Brook Gaskamp.

The Soil Renaissance Strategic Plan, which is available on the new website, defines objectives and strategies for work in four areas: measurement of soil health; the economics of soil health; research needs and priorities; and education. Updated information will be posted on the new website as the focus groups work in their respective areas, or as events are scheduled.

The new website, which is mobile-friendly, provides access to the complete Strategic Plan, as well as information on the people involved in the four areas of work. A feature of the site is a listing of organizations working in the soil health arena.

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