Livestream from ZimmGlass

Chuck ZimmermanAgribusiness, AgWorks, Apps, Glass, Video

AgWorks ZimmGlass LivestreamThis was a test and only a test. I’ve been waiting for a chance to live stream from my ZimmGlass. That opportunity came this morning here at the AgWorks User Conference. It’s not a great video because I was actually doing this the first time so I was streaming and trying to figure a few things out on my computer while doing it.

Your thoughts? I think the video and audio were very acceptable in this classroom setting. But . . . Glass got too hot at about ten minutes and shut the broadcast down. Which was fine with me for the purposes of doing this as a test demo. I’ve had that same issue with Glass recording video too.

So, for you agnerds out there, take a look. Let me know what you think and how you could see this as a Glass feature to help you and your business or farm.

By the way. I was using the Livestream Glass App connected via wifi to my AT&T Netgear hotspot.

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