Monitoring Weather Risks Using Predictive Models

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, climate, ICPA, Monsanto, technology, weather

the_climate_corporation_logoMoorea Brega, Climate Corporation, spoke during the Sponsor Showcase at the recent International Conference for Precision Agriculture. She shared how the company quickly changed their focus of looking at weather risks for all industries and fine tuned their resources keeping the farmer at their focal point.

“The way that we did that was by using predictive modeling. Once you build these predictive models that tell you what you think your yield is given various weather events throughout the season it’s a very obvious step from their to move into making recommendations.”

She goes on to discuss these decision support tools and specifically nitrogen management.

“My goal today was to try and convince you that fertilizer practices are really really good use of precision agriculture and one of the best way to approach this is using predictive modeling. But predictive models need high quality nutrients if you want to make them as accurate as possible.”

Listen to Moorea complete talk here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Address from Moorea Brega, Climate Corporation”]

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