GROWMARK Picks AgIntegrated for Info Platform

Cindy ZimmermanAudio, Data, Growmark, technology

agintegratedGROWMARK has teamed up with AgIntegrated (AGI) for the development of FS Advanced Information Services (FS AIS), a suite of tools to “connect data, analysis, insight, and application into one complete user experience for advanced field optimization.”

AgIntegrated is an independent provider of ag information management consulting and technologies based in Pennsylvania and President Duane Reese says they are excited to be working with GROWMARK.

“GROWMARK shares our vision of a modern, connected system that enables the best of today’s technologies from across the industry, while maintaining a close eye on usability and future information needs,” said Reese. “I am particularly thrilled that FS AIS will be using a majority of our Onsite platform for their data movement, processing, and storage needs”

growmarklogoGROWMARK manager of Agronomy Information Services Sid Parks explains their goals for FS AIS. “The basic product is to provide a tool to our members that allows them the ability to have field boundaries to store data like soil tests, as-applied maps, yield maps, all sorts of data being collected,” said Parks, noting that precision farming really started for GROWMARK some 20 years ago. “We wanted something that could provide a suite of tools in one place that allows access to multiple types of data … and further have that spatial data be able to talk to our accounting systems so we can have an integrated solution there.”

Parks says they already have beta versions of the software being tested and they hope to have it finished by the fall. [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Sid Parks, GROWMARK”]