Customer Service Is A Way of Life For MapShots

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, MapShots

mapshots-2Good customer service is a rare commodity these days. You read countless articles touting the “no-customer service” from cable tv companies or large banks. That’s not the case with MapShots, Inc. a leading agricultural data management software company.

MapShots boasts a customer service department staffed with trained professionals with agricultural backgrounds that will solve your problems as fast as they possibly can. A human voice is available approximately 11 hours per day with an email system that runs 24/7. This is extremely important during the busy planting and harvesting times of the year when you need answers quickly.

In an effort to expand its customer service further, MapShots is launching a new website with an expanded customer service area. Online training videos, updates and complete operating manuals will be available for customers to view and use to further answer questions or find out how to optimize AgStudio product functions.

To further educate agricultural professionals on the AgStudio line of software, MapShots will hold its 2014 MapShots AgStudio Expo to demonstrate and answer questions concerning all its software products. This event will be July 28 at the Union Station Hotel, St. Louis Mo. This is the day before the InfoAg Conference held at the same location. Plan now to attend to learn how to make complex crop management simple. Register here for the MapShots AgStudio Expo.