Educator Training Adds New Resources for Teachers

Melissa SandfortAg Leader, Insights Weekly

Insights WeeklySummer is here and that means the 2014 Educators Training Event is right around the corner. August 5-7, Ag Leader will be holding the 5th annual training event tailored towards educators at the high school, community college and university level. This year we have some exciting news to share regarding the Educational Solutions Package. We are placing the final touches on the Online Educational Curriculum that was briefly introduced at last year’s training event. This online platform provides resources, materials, a discussion board, along with other various items that will make teaching precision ag and SMS software topics much easier.

edu1_1-700x553We have grouped the various lessons into chapters; these chapters are organized by topic within the SMS Advanced software. For example, importing data, printing maps, analyzing data, and exporting are topics discussed in detail that contain real world examples. These chapters then contain the specific lessons associated with the chapter and the corresponding video tutorial making it more efficient to access specific precision ag topics. In addition to the lessons, the online platform has a discussion board feature. This will allow communication between educators, directly within the portal, and provide a place to share ideas and stay current with fellow peers.

In addition to the new online portal, the training event will cover new features and products, a discussion panel with representatives from the precision ag industry as well as hardware and software training workshops. Educators wanting to register or learn more about this year’s event please contact our Educational Solutions Team at or call 515-232-5363 ext 4428. Educators currently enrolled in our Educational Lab Program are eligible for one free seat. Additional seats or educators not enrolled can also reserve a seat by contacting our Educational Solutions Team. We look forward to seeing all of our educators!

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