New Bulk Storage Prompts Positive Results

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness

United SuppliersUnited Suppliers, Inc.® announced it has added three million gallons of storage in Iowa Falls. One of the main attractions for the Iowa Falls site is the rail spur access, which the company needed due to a loss in local rail service in Eldora, IA. Increase in supply demand is another reason that prompted United Suppliers to build the addition. This addition has increased local employment, recycling efforts and overall capacity.

Dave Hoyt, Operations Manager for United Suppliers, said there were three major objectives in purchasing the site for development: environmental safety, safe work environment and to operate efficiently.

“Being environmentally safe and guaranteeing a safe work environment are principals that United Suppliers adheres to in everything we do. We must protect our environment as well as make the work place desirable for employees,” Hoyt said.

This new effort almost doubles the storage capacity in Eldora, making it very exciting to employees since United Suppliers has been in the bulk storage business since 1989 and the need in the industry is only growing. While this endeavor is beneficial financially for United Suppliers it is also strengthening relationships with clients and manufacturers. Bulk agricultural chemical distribution has become a very specialized business and United Suppliers devotes itself exclusively to the Ag market.

With the increased storage United Suppliers has added five employees in Iowa Falls. The company also leases space to Tri-Rinse Inc. to recycle Ag plastic on site, which has also added employees. Additionally, Greenbelt Transportation, who hauls products in and out of the terminal, has added employees due to the increased volume.