IFBF Members Urge Support of Conservation Programs

Jamie JohansenAg Group, Conservation, Farm Bureau, Soil, water

IFBFvertcolorIowa Farm Bureau members urge Governor Branstad to sign legislation authorizing additional one-time investments approved by lawmakers this year, including appropriations to the Water Quality Initiative, Soil Conservation Cost-Share Program, and the Ag Drainage Well Closure Program. A commitment to these important conservation programs will leverage private funds and are ideal areas to invest in Iowa’s water quality and soil conservation so improvements can continue to be achieved.

Iowa Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF), the state’s largest grassroots farm organization, requests Governor Branstad’s continued leadership and support advancing Iowa’s water quality and soil conservation efforts as farmers across the state implement new production practices and technologies to continually improve their conservation efforts.

In addition to improving water quality and soil conservation, these one-time investments are vital to expedite conservation work. Historically, these programs are not adequately funded, and in recent years, high farmer participation has created a backlog of unfunded projects. Use of the legislature’s one-time conservation funding will allow the implementation of new conservation measures on hundreds of farms around the state while facilitating continued improvement in water quality and soil health.

IFBF commends Governor Branstad for his leadership in advancing Iowa’s water quality and soil conservation efforts, and urges the state to continue to partner with farmers in advancing their conservation efforts.