Webinar to Discuss Sidedressing Nitrogen Corn

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Corn, Dow AgroSciences, Fertilizer, webinar

Dow AgroSciences and Agricen announced that they will co-host a new webinar, “Sidedressing Nitrogen for Maximum Yields,” on Thursday, May 29th and Thursday, June 5th from 8am to 3pm CT.

The webinar will feature Dr. Fred Below of the University of Illinois, who will discuss the role of sidedress nitrogen applications in addressing corn nutrient needs. It will also feature Chris Berry, Nitrogen Stabilizer Market Developer at Dow AgroSciences, and Brian Cornelious, PhD, Agricen’s Director of Applied Sciences, who will discuss how Instinct® II nitrogen stabilizer and Accomplish® LM can be used as complementary technologies to optimize corn yield and profit potential in a sidedress program.

Growers, crop consultants, agronomists and others interested in agricultural production and plant nutrition should make plans to participate in this webinar opportunity.

“We are always striving to provide growers with high quality information that can improve production,” said Chris Berry, Nitrogen Stabilizer Market Developer, Dow AgroSciences. “This webinar gives them access to Dr. Fred Below, one of the top experts on the nutrient needs of corn, along with the latest data on two complementary technologies—Accomplish LM and Instinct II—that can be used with sidedress applications to ensure that growers minimize nitrogen loss and maximize nitrogen availability and uptake.”

“Growers want a good return on their sidedress nitrogen investment,” said Brian Cornelious, PhD, Director of Applied Sciences, Agricen. “The yield data we keep seeing shows that using Accomplish LM and Instinct II together is an excellent way to maximize that investment.”

Register online.