Precision Lab Introduces New Spray System Cleaner

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Turf

precisionlaboratoriesTo help professional turf managers tackle the issues associated with cleaning out today’s complex spray systems, Precision Laboratories, a leading provider of specialized chemistries for turf and ornamental plants, seeds, soil and water, introduces Eraser™ Spray System Cleaner.

Erase is a powerful spray system cleaner that exceeds the capabilities of ordinary tank cleaners. Erase emulsifies oily residues in sprayer lines and hoses while elevating rinsate pH to degrade vulnerable plant protection products. When used in conjunction with proper sprayer cleaning technique, Erase ensure more thorough clean-outs and virtually eliminates the risk of cross-contamination that leads to phytotoxicity in turf and plants.

Over the last twenty years, the introduction of new active ingredients and acceptance of unique product formulations represent a flurry of innovation in the turf and ornamental industry. While all of this innovation was necessary for providing better solutions in the fight against weeds, diseases and insects, it has created equipment cleanout problems for applicators.

Preventing incompatibility problems through proper mixing technique, the use of compatibility agents and good clean-out procedures are essential to reducing the risk of phytotoxicity. Erase, the best spray system cleaner technology available today, enhances the results of following tank clean out procedures.

“Ordinary tank cleaners were designed over twenty years ago and are not capable of removing the residues left behind from the product formulations and tank mixes used in our industry today,” says Don Spier, vice president of turf and ornamentals at Precision Laboratories. “The unique technology in Erase allows professional turf managers to reduce the risk of plant injury by removing product residues left behind in tanks, lines and booms.”