Farm Journal Corn College Announces Drone Fly-In

Jamie JohansenAerial Application, Aerial Imagery, Agribusiness, Corn, Events, UAV

CornCollege-VideoWith the emerging potential for small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Farm Journal announces its first-ever Corn College event focused on practical application of drones for farmers. The Farm Journal Corn College Drone Fly-In will be held July 17. Producers will learn about the future of farming with drones, from highly efficient scouting to data collection and more.

“Forward-thinking farmers and ranchers are curious about the technology surrounding drones and how they can be used on their operations,” said Charlene Finck, Senior Vice President, Editorial Content. “The list of possibilities is endless, and Farm Journal is committed to bringing farmers the best knowledge on how to embrace the technology.”

Led by Farm Journal Field Agronomist Ken Ferrie and highly trained industry leaders, the Drone Fly-In will teach attendees how to legally and safely fly drones and give them an opportunity to operate one in hands-on, in-the-field breakout sessions. Farmers who have integrated UAV technology into their operations will share their experiences as well.

The agenda includes the following sessions:
– From the Battlefield to the Corn Field: This captivating presentation from two former military professionals with extensive UAV experience showcases the capabilities of drone technology.
– Agronomic Eyes in the Sky: UAVs join other high-tech tools in a farmer’s modern toolbox.
– UAVs 101: The information farmers need to get started.
– Fly in the Safe Zone: Arm yourself with Federal Aviation Administration rules to ensure you stay inbounds on the legal front.
– Farming with Drones: Hear first-hand experiences—both success stories and failures—from farmers across the country.
– Fly and Drive: Take your hand at flying a drone.

In conjunction with Farm Journal’s first-ever event focused on UAVs and drones, recently launched “Drone Zone.” The online section brings producers legal updates, innovative uses and cool videos. “Drone Zone” includes an online discussion forum for farmers to share the benefits and challenges of drones. The company is also launching a regular “Drone Zone” feature in Farm Journal magazine.