New Blog by Soil Science Society of America

Jamie JohansenAg Group, social media, Soil

SSSA-LogoThe Soil Science Society of America created a blog, Soils Matter, to help the public understand this precious natural resource.

“We know that many people are interested in soils,” says Jan Hopmans, president of SSSA. “We wanted to create a blog so our members can communicate real soil information and answer questions.” The blog is averaging about 2,500 page views per month.

Recent topics have included tips about soil testing, how the recent harsh winter might affect this summer’s growing season, and whether synthetic or natural fertilizers are the best plant nutrients.

Regular Soils Matter contributor Clay Robinson says, “naturally, soil scientists find soils interesting, but we want to help people understand that soils are so much more than dirt. The air people breathe, food they eat, water they drink, clothes they wear, and places they live, all depend on the soil. Soil scientists can help people learn how to use soil wisely, balancing conservation and productivity, so future generations can benefit from the soil as we do.”

In addition, SSSA has public information about soils on their website, under the tab “Discover Soils.” A K-12 committee of SSSA also updates a website for teachers,, and for students through 12th grade,