BASF Offers Advice for Early Weed Control

Cindy ZimmermanBASF, Crop Protection, Weed control

Experts agree the best way to improve yields, control weeds and fight resistance is early season weed control.

bryan-young“Effective weed management today means starting the growing season with a clean weed-free seedbed,” said Bryan Young, Ph.D., Associate Professor of weed science, Purdue University. “That typically means tillage in corn and in some cases a spring burndown in soybeans. Then make sure that the field stays clean from that point forward throughout the season. Residual herbicides are critically important in helping us reduce weed competition to optimize crop yields and to improve control of our most problematic weeds.”

Dr. Young offered his weed control advice during a Commodity Classic seminar sponsored by BASF Crop Protection entitled “Clean Fields, High Yields: The Keys to Solving Your Weed Problems in 2014.” He notes that early season weed control is not only an effective strategy for combating weeds at their easiest stages, but it can also help in the fight against weed resistance.

“When you have weeds resistant to glyphosate and are utilizing different herbicide chemistries, a two-inch weed might be the maximum height you can control with the herbicide,” explained Young. “We’ve seen resistance happen before and it’s too risky to allow these weeds to emerge and depend solely on the timing of a post-emergence herbicide. For some weeds, we don’t have effective post-emergence herbicide options, it’s all about never letting these weeds get a start.”

BASFBASF Technical Market Manager Mark Oostlander recommends using a preplant or preemergence herbicide with residual control to get the season off to a clean start.

“Early in the season, weeds aren’t taking as many important resources such as water, sun and nutrients from your crops as they will later in the season,” said Oostlander. “Controlling weeds in the beginning is the most efficient and cost-effective step you can take in weed control.”

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