Valley Irrigation Offers Soil Moisture Monitoring

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, agronomy, Irrigation, Soil

valleyValley® Irrigation is putting the latest soil moisture monitoring technology into the hands of growers with Valley SoilPro™ 1200, powered by AquaSpy™.

SoilPro 1200 delivers the most detailed soil moisture data in an easy-to-understand format. With just a few clicks, growers can see the depth of their crop root zone, soil moisture levels by depth, soil electrical conductivity, temperature, and water penetration from rainfall and irrigation. This real-time data give growers the information they need to make smarter decisions and irrigate more efficiently.

Nebraska grower Tim Schmeeckle said SoilPro 1200 is an important link in learning how to grow more corn with less water, which is a key aspect in farming right now.

“I use it just like a fuel gauge in a car,” Schmeeckle said. “If SoilPro tells me the field is three-fourths full, I can wait another day to water. Or, if the numbers are low, I know I need to keep watering. Basically, it takes the guesswork out of irrigating. You monitor what you’re putting on and what the corn is using. It’s just a great tool.”

SoilPro 1200 has 12 sensors at 4-inch increments that communicate with crop roots and collect in-depth data from the soil about how much water the crop needs and how much it has used, according to Valley Product Manager Cole Fredrick.

The information gathered by the sensors is analyzed and converted into simple, straight-forward reports and recommendations delivered to growers via computer, tablet, or cell phone.

“The user interface is what really makes our product stand out,” Fredrick said. “The interface is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. It allows growers to easily see when and where water is needed to maximize yields and use water to its fullest potential.”

SoilPro 1200 allows growers to become more efficient in their watering practices, and that efficiency allows them save money and grow a more productive crop, Fredrick said.