AgriImage Announces Ag-Scout Extreme

Chuck ZimmermanAerial Imagery, Agribusiness, Audio, Scouting

AgriImageCrop scouting is getting more fun because of companies like AgriImage. I first learned about this company before this year’s National Farm Machinery Show. Finally, I caught up with company Vice President, Sean Pinkerton, to talk about their products.

The newest addition to their line-up is the Ag-Scout Extreme.

AgScout ExtremeIt features a carbon fiber airframe that makes it lightweight and very durable. The Ag-Scout Extreme has larger motors and propellers for an increased payload capacity and high wind stability. The package includes everything needed to get in the air. Our Ag-Scout Extreme revolutionizes precision agriculture. It will make scouting your crops easier than ever saving you time and money.

Sean says this is now their most popular model using NDVI imagery to help create more precise spraying and fertilizer prescriptions. The unit virtually unaffected by wind. He suggests keeping it below 400 feet and to be courteous of neighbors and their property. He also mentioned not flying it near an airport. That’s good advice!

You can listen to my interview with Sean here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Sean Pinkerton”]