New Holland Ground Speed/Headland Management

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Vic ConstableThe next lesson I got with Operation Blue Force from New Holland put me back into the cab. This time it was all about Ground Speed Management and Headland Management.

Our classroom teacher was Vic Constable. After the lesson I got into a T9 4-wheel drive tractor with track units pulling a massive field “Optimizer” to put that lesson in action. My driver, Ryan, showed how to set up Ground Speed Management as well as Custom Headland Management. After recording his instructions it was my turn to sit in the seat and drive. I did pretty good and learned a few extra lessons that just need to stay in California. 🙂

The 16-speed full powershift transmission with Ground Speed Management (GSM) features both field and road operation settings. GSM Field™ automatically downshifts the tractor and adjusts engine rpm to maintain the best performance, then upshifts and changes engine rpm as load decreases. GSM Road™ selects the proper gears and engine rpm based on speed lever input and load conditions. Even without GSM, get clutch-free, push-button shifting and fingertip control of direction changes.

You can listen to Vic’s lesson here or watch it below: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Vic Constable Lesson”]

If you’d like to see these features in action check out my ZimmGlass video below:

New Holland Operation Blue Force Photo Album