Meet Hortau Precision Irrigation

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classic14-hortauHortau Simplified Irrigation was one of the more than 300 companies exhibiting at the recent record-setting Commodity Classic, and one of quite a few first timers.

They stood out from the crowd for us at Classic when @Hortau sent a tweet to @Agriblogger asking him to come by and do an interview. Dropping by the booth at the end of the first day of the show, I met and interviewed CEO Jocelyn Boudreau and Regional Sales Manager Doug Larson.

Jocelyn told me the company was started in 2002, “with the idea of optimizing water usage on farm, taking a plant-centric approach to use water to grow a healthier crop, boost yields and give water the same level of attention and precision as we do with fertilizers and plant genetics.”

Doug says they were very pleased with their first year at Classic. “This is really our audience,” he said. “We work the high plains region of the country, so most of our growers are corn or soybean growers.”

Find out more about Hortau here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Jocelyn Boudreau and Doug Larson, Hortau Irrigation”]
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