Ukrainian Hick Chick Chat

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11326519286_c9a07ae0bf_oDuring the World Food Prize in October, I was fortunate to meet some people from Ukraine and learn more about the US-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC).

morgan_williams_250x200I have been thinking about them as the news has been tuned to the unrest happening there so I contacted my friend Michael Datsenko with the USUBC who put me in touch with his president and CEO Morgan Williams, who is currently in Kyiv, to get an update on the situation there and how it is impacting agriculture. (That’s not a typo – they spell it Kyiv not Kiev – and it’s just Ukraine, not THE Ukraine)

Via Skype I was able to talk with Williams about the financial picture for farmers and the export industry right now, the new minister of agriculture for the country, an agribusiness conference scheduled for this month that has been postponed, and much more.

Listen to my Ukranian Hick Chick Chat here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Hick Chick Chat with Mr. Morgan Williams, US-Ukraine Business Council”]

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