Farmland Stars Light Up Commodity Classic Preview

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classic14-usfra-farmlandIt wasn’t a red carpet event, but some farmers still really shined as Commodity Classic went to the movies last week with a sneak preview of the feature length documentary “Farmland,” which will debut later this month.

The media was allowed to watch, but not report on, the movie – but we are able to meet and talk with some of the stars who took part in a press conference at Classic with the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA). The guy in the middle here is not one of the stars, that’s USFRA Executive Director Randy Krotz. He said this movie really helps further USFRA’s goal of bridging the gap between consumers and food production.

“Farmers are the most trusted entity in the food chain from a consumer’s perspective,” he said, adding this film “is really creating a venue for farmers to speak directly to consumers and bridge that generational gap that has been created over the past several decades.”

The four pictured here, from left to right around Randy, are David Loberg of Nebraska, Ryan Veldhuizen of Minnesota, Leighton Cooley from Georgia, and Brad Bellah of Texas. Listen to them talk about themselves and their experiences with film director James Moll in the making of “Farmland.” – [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Farmland Movie Press Conference”]

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