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classic14-deere-rachelleThey’ve been innovating ever since John Deere himself introduced the first steel plow nearly 180 years ago that transformed the American Great Plains into the world’s food basket it is today. Now the good folks at Deere have shown off their latest innovation at Commodity Classic in San Antonio: FarmSight.

“Farmsight is our approach to how we think technology and farming can come together in a whole new way to help farmers be more productive, spend more time with their families, make more money and overall have a better experience as farming moves into the future,” Rachelle Thibert, manager of integrated solutions at Deere, explained to Leah in an interview from the trade show floor. She said it comes down to planning, and the technology in FarmSight helps gather, move and share data so better informed decisions can be made. “It can save them time, save them money, and eventually produce some better results when they’re actually trying to market that grain.”

Rachelle added that FarmSight brings more information into the cab at a higher resolution allowing farmers to use the data to be more efficient in their operations. And by listening to what farmers have told them about what they want and need to know, the decisions made are more effective. Since the information gathered and stored in the cloud, producers can access it and make adjustments or even monitor other operators on their farm to make sure the job is being done right. In addition, Deere has made it easy to use so less time is lost learning or teaching how to use it.

The ability to use FarmSight has been embedded in John Deere machines since 2011, but Rachelle said they’ve developed kits to retrofit a long line Deere equipment going way back. “There’s probably some way we can light up your fleet that’s green with this technology,” she said.

There’s more ideas on the horizon Deere will be testing and putting out in the fields, but for now, growers can get things started with a MyJohnDeere account to help them have a better bottom line.

Listen to more of Leah’s interview with Rachelle here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Rachelle Thibert, John Deere”]
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