MapShots’ Customers Show the Love

John DavisAgribusiness, Audio, MapShots

mapshots-14-vulgamoresIn honor of Valentine’s Day, it seems appropriate to talk about some folks who are truly showing the love for a precision ag software provider. That certainly has been the case as we’ve listened to many of the folks at the MapShots Customer Conference in Atlanta, Ga., who had nothing but great things to say about MapShots and its AgStudio software. That certainly was the case for brothers Brian and Myles Vulgamore, who farm and have a cattle operation around Scott City in West Central Kansas. They said they’ve been MapShots fans for more than a decade, not only using the old EasySuite software on their own farms, but also selling it to their Pioneer seed customers.

“We’re long-time MapShots customers,” said Brian, who went on to say how important MapShots has been as they’ve expanded operations over the last 10 years. And he’s really excited about the new AgStudio program. “AgStudio is the next generation of EasySuite, and in this last year, they’ve got a lot of the business features turned on with AgStudio. And that’s where the magic really happens.”

Both brothers were impressed with how MapShots brings together all of these production inputs from a variety of integrating companies and how well MapShots works with all of them. Another feature they really like in AgStudio is the ability to store data on the cloud.

“Anybody that’s willing to work and has a cloud-based system can eventually bring it in. It’s important that industry works together so it’s all out there, able to be accessed,” said Myles.

They concluded saying that the folks at MapShots understand farmers and what they want better than any other software company, making it a total solution.

You can listen to Chuck’s interview with Brian and Myles here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Brian and Myles Vulgamore”]

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