Easy Integration with MapShots & AgIntegrated

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When it comes to choosing how to do things, people will pick easy, right?

mapshots-14-mike-santostefano“They want it to be a simple as possible, like an Easy Button,” said Mike Santostefano, independent ag consulting company AgIntegrated‘s director of marketing and business development. While he was talking about his own company’s Onsite Ecosystem, a cloud-based, mobile and desktop app that assists with file management and communications to and from the field, he could have been as easily talking about the way Onsite has integrated with MapShots’ AgStudio software. “With the Onsite Ecosystem, we’re able to move files into the MapShots AgStudio product and have it be auto-processed right when it goes in there because it knows which grower it is.”

During the AgIntegrated presentation at the recent MapShots Customer Conference in Atlanta, Ga. (Mike is shown in the picture watching AgIntegrated colleague Bretton Beard, Onsite Product Manager, do the presentation), they talked about how they’ve been able to integrate AgStudio into what they’re offering to producers, making it as easy as possible for the users.

“[They want to be able] to grab the file that may be in the equipment on a USB or compact flash drive and get it to AgStudio or get it to the cloud storage area as quickly as possible. And if you’re talking to a non-techie person, they need to have that easier, one-touch system [such as Onsite offers],” he said.

You can listen to Chuck’s interview with Mike here: [wpaudio url=”http://zimmcomm.biz/mapshots/mapshots-14-agintegrated-mike-santostefano.mp3″ text=”Interview with Mike Santostefano, AgIntegrated”]

You can find Chuck’s photos from the event online here: 2014 MapShots Customer Conference Photo Album