SatShot, MapShots Integrate for Better Imagery

John DavisAerial Imagery, Agribusiness, Audio, MapShots

mapshots-14-lanny-faleideAs we’ve talked about this week, integration was a key theme of the recent MapShots Customer Conference in Atlanta, Ga., as the company brought in customers and the other precision agriculture providers used in its AgStudio software. Lanny Faleide, President/CEO of SatShot, a satellite and aerial imagery company, said MapShots uses the sophisticated images and the agricultural know-how that SatShots adds to those pictures.

“We take an ag perspective, understand the agronomy, reasons why an image will work in the precision ag market and for crop insurance diagnostics as well, and we’re able to put that agricultural flair to it,” he said. Lanny added MapShots is an integrator of their product. “A few years ago, we took the tact of wanting to do one thing really well: distributing the data. We integrate with these farm softwares, and they do the more intense precision ag techniques, and we provide that data automatically [that has that agricultural flair].”

Lanny also talked about how SatShot provides the information in the image, such the biomass or quality of the vegetation. Then, using the MapShots AgStudio software, a producer is able to come up with a prescription and plug that into their hardware out in the field to make sure the right amount of seed, fertilizer, and/or pesticides and herbicides are applied at the right place at the right time. In the future, he said SatShot will scale up its automatic notification system when new imagery is available, as well as working with new satellite companies that will take the imagery technology to the next level

You can listen to Chuck’s interview with Lanny here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Lanny Faleide, President/CEO of SatShot”]

You can find Chuck’s photos from the event online here: 2014 MapShots Customer Conference Photo Album