Veris Brings More Truth to MapShots Products

John DavisAgribusiness, Audio, MapShots

mapshots-14-eric-lundFiguring out how to integrate good information into precision farming equipment was part of the recently completed MapShots Customer Conference in Atlanta, Ga. One of MapShots’ integrating partners in the field is Veris Technologies, a Kansas-based firm that looks to bring a bit more truth to the information generated.

“Veris is latin for truth,” explained Eric Lund with Veris. He said having veracity in the information his company gathers on the soil is key to integrating Veris’ technology into MapShots’ AgStudio software to provide crop management applications for the agriculture industry. “We manufacture soil sensors. These are on-the-go implements that a grower would pull across a field, and as he pulls it across, it’s collecting GPS location data and soil measurement data. And from that, a map is generated that shows various soil properties and soil variabilities within the field.”

But having that information is a long way from making it something a producer can use. That’s where the partnership with MapShots comes in. Eric said MapShots takes the verified information generated by Veris and turns it into a plan for how to use the precision farming equipment on that field, varying the inputs for various parts of the field. “We generate the data. It has to be turned into a prescription with some agronomic input and transmitted out to a controller [through a program such as MapShots’ AgStudio].”

Eric believes that there will be more adoption of this type of application throughout the world, as his own company has customers in 40-some states and 40-some countries across the globe. He said making the right integration of good data with the program that can best use that information is key to precision farming success.

“Maps don’t make anybody any money sitting on the shelf.”

You can listen to Chuck’s interview with Eric here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Eric Lund with Veris”]

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