Customer Support Top Priority for MapShots

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mapshots-14-shauna-ingramIt seems like really good customer service is a rare find these days. But at the recent MapShots Customer Conference in Atlanta, Ga., that’s exactly the focus of the company that makes crop management applications for the agriculture industry. Chuck caught up with Shauna Ingram, MapShots’ head of support, documentation and testing teams, who said customer support is their top priority.

“We have a phone system open about 11 hours a day, and an email system that runs 24/7,” and they’re always watching out for issues that could come up on the weekends as well to keep producers running. And she added they make sure that farmer gets an answer when they call. “Instead of taking messages, we run it up the support tier as fast as possible so that if our first-tier support is not able to answer the question, we get it to the appropriate person as quickly as possible and minimize callbacks to our users.”

Hopefully, a producer gets the answer in the training classes before they ever hit the field and encounter an issue. But in addition to the training and the customer hotline and email, Shauna said they have a public forum on their MapShots website where other producers are able to chime in and help each other out. In addition, MapShots’ AgStudio software even can, with the user’s permission, allow a technician to go into that producer’s databases and see where any disconnect might be. In the future, Shauna said they are looking to put together webinars to allow farmers to sit down at their home computers and learn more.

Another thing noticeable at the MapShots Customer Conference was how knowledgeable all employees are about the other areas of the company that might not be their primary responsibility.

“We enjoy actually wearing multiple hats so that we can all be a part of all the different facets of the company, and it makes us that much more knowledgeable for our customers,” Shauna concluded.

You can listen to Chuck’s interview with Shauna here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Shauna Ingram”]

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