Better Monitoring with New MAS System

John DavisGeneral

LBMS Premium System1Monitoring liquid applicators can be a literal pain in the neck as operators have to crane around to watch gauges for no-flow and low-flow applicators. But the folks at custom liquid handling equipment maker Mid-Atlantic Services (MAS) have a new CDS-John Blue Electronic Liquid Blockage monitoring system that will allow you to keep a closer eye on those systems without even turning around.

This allows for immediate correction which saves money, before yields are diminished. A flow monitor in the cab delivers both a visual cue as well as an audible alarm. A flashing LED light points out the row where the problem exists.

MAS President Mike Boyle believes that this is a valuable device. “By identifying the problem as it happens, farmers can make the correction right away during liquid application. The CDS-John Blue monitoring system can be used with cloudy or dark liquids. This is a huge improvement that will have a significant impact for our customers when placing liquid fertilizer while planting or sidedressing.”

MAS officials say the LBMS can be shown on a standard wired display in the cab, and there’s even a free app for the iPad.