UAV Aerial Imagery Solution from MyAgCentral

Cindy ZimmermanAerial Imagery, Data Collection, UAV

my-ag-centralMyAgCentral, a division of DN2K, has announced “the first of its new cloud-based end-to-end solutions for agriculture, which gives growers a simple and affordable way to leverage aerial agronomic imagery.”

DN2K has partnered with three industry-leading entities to offer a fully integrated workflow solution that streamlines the process of flying fields and capturing, storing, processing, viewing and sharing aerial images.

ageagletestwingMyAgCentral partners with AgEagle for UAV hardware, Prime Meridian as a MyAgCentral service provider, and APIS for UAV education and training, to deliver simple, affordable and advanced imagery solutions to support growers, agronomists and agricultural service providers.

“Right now UAVs are a very promising technology in the agriculture community, with numerous companies bringing products to market. But we’re the first group to connect all the dots and provide solutions from beginning to end. It’s the ‘easy button’ that people interested in UAVs and aerial imagery have been waiting for,” said Bret Chilcott, Founder of AgEagle.