DTN Ag Essential Gives New Tools For Farm Business

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, technology

PrintDTN/The Progressive Farmer just launched Ag Essential that will allow growers to monitor grain market values and efficiently mange their production, marketing and risk management.

“Ag Essential is a one-of-a-kind online management toolbox that helps growers save time by easily managing their farm business in one place,” said DTN/The Progressive Farmer Senior Vice President for Agriculture Matt Bradford. “Ag Essential’s digital dashboard continuously updates production, marketing and inventory information in a financial-friendly view, which enables growers to respond quickly to changing market conditions and make more informed, efficient business decisions.”

The new program will save growers money with real-time inventory and market valuations across planted fields. They can easily update, manage and organize production and marketing information all within Ag Essential. For example, the program tracks field input expenses and income that adjust as the grain is stored or sold, and it can automatically determine net profitability for bin and sales positions.

The market values are customized to the grower’s true, local market. This helps growers effectively monitor the true values of their contracted, committed and unsold grain inventories. It also gives growers the flexibility to organize their financial information based on how they run their business. Ag Essential offers the capability to produce government compliance, crop insurance compliance and financial reports and issues growers alerts on profitability levels and the timing for business decisions.

For more info on DTN Ag Essential, check out their website www.dtn.com/go/agessential.