Salford Group Expands Iowa Facility

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Equipment

Salford Plant 1 - Osceola Iowa copySalford Group has expanded their U.S. manufacturing operations in Osceola, IA by 36% to keep up with growing demand for their tillage and fertilizer application products.

The Iowa expansion brings Salford’s total manufacturing space to over 200,000 square feet in its U.S., Canadian and Russian production facilities combined.

The expansion will allow for increased production of Salford’s patented Independent Series tools, which are designed for high speed soil and residue management as well as fertilizer application. The additional space will also add capacity to the Iowa parts distribution center (PDC), which is one of the main hubs for the six PDS’s that Salford maintains in North America.

“Phase one of the expansion has been additional warehouse space for our PDC,” says Brad Baker, Manufacturing and Operations Manager at Salford. “We know that all too often the window of opportunity for the maximum yield is short. As our products get onto more farms we’re committed to ensuring our dealers and their customers have parts available to keep operating so they don’t miss that window,” says Baker.

Salford is also planning capital investments that will further increase production capacity in Iowa and improve parts availability. Plant Manager, Randy Beckett, said they are also adding a powder coat line and making other improvements to their Iowa facility.

Salford’s dealer network has expanded rapidly in the Midwest Region of the United States over the last decade and increasing sales of Salford products led to the opening of the Iowa production facility in 2006.

In a recent survey, dealers of Salford equipment attributed their continued growth to a customer orientated approach to product development. This is made possible by Salford’s responsive and innovative engineering and manufacturing practices.