Kinze Debuts 1st Electric Multi-Hybrid Concept Planter

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Equipment, Kinze, Planting, seed

Kinze-ManufacturingKinze Manufacturing, Inc. would like to introduce the world’s first electric multi-hybrid concept planter to help famers optimize their seed hybrids and increase yields. This technology provides farmers with the ability to change the seed hybrid they are planting automatically as the planter moves through the field. Now seeds can be selected to suit the different field management zones.

“The electric multi-hybrid planter will allow farmers to maximize yield in every part of their field, and not have to make compromises,” said Rhett Schildroth, senior product manager at Kinze Manufacturing. “The yield gains in our trials varied from 2 bushels per acre to more than 10 bushels per acre by utilizing multi-hybrid planting. And unlike other crop practices that seem to have good results one year and negative results the next, every trial we’ve conducted with multi-hybrid planting has resulted in a yield increase.”

Kinze’s new electric multi-hybrid planter has new row units that incorporates two meters for every row and feeds a single seed tube. The gauge wheels, openers and closing wheels are identical to a standard Kinze 4000 series row unit.

“This was only possible by using the new electric drive option on the Kinze 4000 series meters. By eliminating the drive chain and clutch, we were able to orient the meters close together so that they feed a single seed tube,” said Schildroth. “It is a very elegant way to add the multi-hybrid planting capability.”

Kinze will be partnering with Midwestern farmers during the spring of 2014 to showcase the new technology in the field on several electric multi-hybrid concept planters. For more information checkout