Unmanned Systems in Precision Ag Conference

Jamie JohansenAg Group, Events, UAV

Mark your calendars for the 3rd Annual Unmanned Systems in Precision Agriculture Conference. The event is scheduled for February 11-13, 2014 at the UGA Tifton campus Conference Center.

Developers will be showing, discussing and demonstrating their UAV (drone) technologies for the agricultural industry. If you are a grower, farmer, producer, politician, consultant, engineer, scientist or student then be sure and attend.

The University of Georgia, Guided Systems Technologies and the Georgia Centers of Innovation for Aerospace and Agribusiness will publicly debut new UAV technology being adopted by farmers at the 2014 Unmanned Systems in Agriculture conference.

If you are a tech savvy farmer you can produce your products more efficiently, reduce wasted resources, save time and money and even save crops in need through immediate transmitted information from your UAV. Designed with sensing and imaging technology, these aircraft can inspect an entire farm in less than a day.

You can register here.