Would Glass Help You Farm

Chuck ZimmermanGlass, technology, Video

ZimmGlassOkay agnerds, how about a little wearable tech for use out in the field? It’s Glass from Google. I call mine ZimmGlass.

This paste weekend I carried along my new ZimmGlass while doing some deer hunting to continue learning how to use it and thinking about ways to incorporate into my agriblogging work flow. Here’s my Glass being recharged with a Monsanto Ground Breakers mobile charger. I have noticed that the Glass battery doesn’t last as long as I’m used to with my phone. That’s why these mobile chargers come in so handy.

Earlier in the day I shot a video clip with my “ZimmGlass” as a test. It presents some issues like the need to keep your head still since it is not on a tripod and it’s so easy to move your head around without thinking.

If you could get out in the field with what is basically a computer on your face what could you do with that? It takes photos, shoots video, allows you to stream video live, lookup information via Google and more. Does it sound like something that could help you do field scouting? Remember, it let’s you be hands free!