AgGateway Invites Companies to Join Connectivity Project

Talia GoesAgribusiness

AgGateway_LogoAgGateway has launched a new eBusiness project that will streamline the crop protection supply chain in Canada, increasing efficiencies and reducing the cost of doing business among agri-businesses. The Crop Protection Canada Connectivity (CPCC) Project expands on a proven approach already in use in the U.S. crop protection industry – thanks to previous collaborative work by AgGateway companies.

The deadline for committing to join the project is January 15, 2014. A kick-off meeting will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, February 11-13, 2014.

“We plan to have the first steps in the project completed by May 2014,” said Byrne-Moumdjian.

This includes the review of the standards, business rules, mapping tool and business process.

Companies interested in joining the CPCC Project should contact AgGateway Enabling Services Director Marilyn Hunter as soon as possible at