GSI Acquires JSI

Leah GuffeyAudio, NAFB

nafb13-gsiWith a record corn crop going in the bin, more storage is needed and that’s where GSI comes in. Andrew Stednitz director of North America Dealer Sales for GSI had some exciting news for me while we were at NAFB Trade Talk last month. They have recently acquired JSI (Johnson Systems Inc.) which will bring them into the tower, catwalk, and superstructure business.

“Adding another company into the lineup with more of what our dealers and customers need is just going to be huge for us. We are looking for big, bright things in the future.”

Andrew says that dryers in the bins are running 24/7 during the long harvest. He added that they also have conditioners to add during the drying process for better results at the elevator by being able to start earlier and store grain.

Listen to my complete interview with Andrew here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Andrew Stednitz, GSI”]

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