Valley Offers New Cable Theft Deterrent Product

Talia GoesAgribusiness, Irrigation

valleyValley Irrigation, the leader in precision irrigation, is adding the innovative Proof Positive Span Cable to its extensive line of cable theft deterrent products.

Copper theft is a global epidemic, and agricultural irrigation equipment is particularly vulnerable to copper theft. Thieves can grab long spans of cable from unattended center pivots and escape undetected among acres of crops. Stolen span cable immediately cuts power to the pivot, stopping irrigation and potentially ruining crops. Repairs can cost thousands of dollars, and repeated incidents can jeopardize insurance coverage.

One of the biggest challenges in stopping the epidemic of copper cable theft is proving rightful ownership so thieves can be prosecuted. Proof Positive Span Cable, manufactured by Southwire Company and sold through Paige Electric Co, is a traceable, theft-deterrent span cable that provides proof of ownership. Valley is the only center pivot irrigation manufacturer offering Proof Positive Span Cable through its dealer network.

A bright yellow outer jacket alerts recyclers – and thieves – that this is traceable cable. Recyclers can instantly identify stolen cable and verify ownership in seconds at