Hick Chick Chat with MachineryLink

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IMG_3503Welcome to the very first installment of the Hick Chick Chat, with me, Leah Guffey, @the_hickchick. We plan for this to be a regular feature here on Precision.AgWired.com to chat about precision technology and equipment on the farm.

_DSC2641During 2013 NAFB Annual Convention, I chatted with Justin Miller from MachineryLink. They do something a little different, they rent combines to growers to harvest the crop they have produced throughout the year.  Justin tells me how this works for them and how the concept came about, which is really to be more cost effective and help the bottom line of the producer.

MachineryLink comes from the concept of sharing equipment to “reduce costs, free up capital and more effectively manage risk.”  Justin says MachineryLink continues to grow in popularity each year and even has growers calling as soon as they are done harvesting to secure their machine for the coming year.

Justin tells me they are there to provide a service, the same one they have since the late 1990s. Worried about getting equipment to your field for harvest? Never fear, Justin says they deliver, service and pick up the combines from each farm when they farmer needs it. 24/7 service is also part of the package deal as they meticulously inspect the combines before and after each drop off.

Find out more here: [wpaudio url=”http://zimmcomm.biz/nafb/hickchickchat-1-machinerylink.mp3″ text=”Hick Chick Chat with Machinery Link”]

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